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Can we teach extra sensory perception ?
The process of subnormal information admission into the brain occurs in a similar way to the processing of sense information. This processing takes place unconciously. The extra sensory ( ESP ) signals are taken up by the body without concious perception and are processed through the central nervous system. The conversion of information into concious impressions is promoted by such conditions as internal awareness - which, on the basis of a calm spirit - induce the threshold of conditions of deep meditation or mystic and more transcendental (exstatic) experiences.
Successes from the complete field of research and of remote viewing have moved the possibilities of ESP training and its proper employment into the centre of awareness.
Certainly some have discovered their extraordinary abilities through this means and have gone on to train. The remote viewing project had developed from just one question : Can one use ESP senses practically? The answer must be a definite yes.

Ethnic research shows that exstatic Shamanic Healers and medicine men put their ESP abilities to both good and bad uses. The curse of death has its place in their business along with healing. Thus the inevitable question arises: Can one work against a tried influence? Yes. If one understands the technicalities or assigns a spiritual healer.
Much points to the fact that there are subtle energies which influence living beings and the cosmos and that these can be steered by certain physical and mental exercises at will.
ESP is more common than we realise and is unconciously in daily use.

It is my opinion that telepathy works more effectively during a full moon because the results are more positive during the transmission of remote healing energy.

ESP is continuously present in time and space. Our ability to receive access to this potential is only effected by environmental influences and psychological conditions.

The religions have told us for thousands of years of this close entwinement and for mystics, this is the only accurate point of view.

Modern man, who banished Gods, regards religion as a pastime for lesser beings and mystics as a good natured form of mental disorder, can hardly begin to understand spiritual ritual truths. It's Gods are technological, economic and of pragmatic nature. The productive reunification of science and spirituality, analysis and aesthetics, Intellect and intuition - Like I see it, an expression of a feeling, an instinct, a hidden sense which connects on a very deep level with everything around us.
The miracle of creation is achieved by the conscious spirit. It is, as if consciousness is somehow able to align its influence directly over time and space.

Your healer W.J. Gesemann