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Healing Successes

Karin from Hannover:
After my divorce I became very ill. I was admitted to a clinic and underwent psychotherapy. I heard about a healer from Porta Westfalica. After only 4 treatment sessions I am now healthy again and have re found my lust for life. Thank you Herrn Gesemann.

Gaby from Porta Westfalica:
I am a Doctor's Receptionist and have been unwell now for 2 1/2 years. I heard about Mr. Gesemann from an Esoteric Company where he demonstrated his abilities. Although I was sceptical, I soon learned better. Through his empathy-filled art and the treatment I received, I now no longer need medication and have even found the motivation to seek a new job. Now I work half days and have a new outlook on life. Thank you.

Rainer from Hannover:
I am seperated from my Family and started to drink. I no longer knew night from day. A friend took me with him to heiler Gesemann. Without saying a word, he placed his hand on my stomach. I started to cry and since then I feel much better. I have now returned to work as a long distance lorry driver.

Healer Gesemann during a therapy session

Hermann from Porta Westfalica:
I had Prostate Cancer which was operated on. Since then I have felt unwell. I can't sleep and I feel drained. I heard about a healer in my area and sought him out. It's like a wonder to me, I could 'uproot trees'. I now trek with my club again and am voluntarily active. I found my way back to my old life through him.

GŁnther from Hannover:
I am tied to a wheelchair and often suffer depression as a result. I met healer Gesemann purely by coincidence. He said he might be able to help me and took my hand. He spoke with me and placed his hand on my head. I cannot describe the feeling, I felt something like a tingling and have since had no more depressive bouts. My lust for life is back which is very good fo my Family and I. Thank you.

Bernd from Minden:
I have been undergoing psychological treatment for 3 1/2 years. Since I saw Mr. Gesemann I feel much better and am able to work again. Thank you.

Elisabeth from Porta Westfalica:
I have suffered from Neuro-Dermatitis for years.The Doctor's can only sooth it. I heard of a healer from Porta Westfalica, I don't normally believe in such things but my friend was impressed by Mr. Gesemann and took me with her. My Neuro-Dermatitis is not completely gone but is much better. I go swimming again and I feel altogether much better. I intend to continue the treatment.