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W.J. Gesemann
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W.J. Gesemann

Faith Healer since 1980
Reiki-Master since 2004
Qi Gong since 1997
Tai Chi since 1995

For 25 years I have concerned myself with parapsychology, the border sciences, telepathy and paranormal healing phenomena.

My Grandmother was well known in her home town in Scotland as a healer and herbalist. Like wise, my Mother, my Aunt and even I have been gifted with spiritual healing abilities.

The positive feedback from people seeking help gives me the strength to go on with my work.

My Motto:
Love creates peace where before there was none.
Love creates peace where before there was unrest.
There is nothing greater than love from the heart.
Love brings healing.
It is worth living for.
Herbert Hoffmann

The biography of Healer W.J. Gesemann:

My Great Grandmother was a well known healer in Dundee, Scotland. My Mother, the eldest of 8 children, was trained in healing by her Grandmother.

My Father was sent to the front line aged 17 where he was taken prisoner and sent to Scotland. He was subsequently discharged as a civilian in 1948 and married my Mother in Dundee in 1949. My Sister was born in Scotland in 1951. In 1954, my Parents moved to Germany where my Father started work as a translator for the American Forces in Darmstadt.

I was born in Darmstadt, Germany on 12 June 1954.

Although my Mother had a hard time in Germany, she always took her children to heart, always willing to help and always tolerant. We often went with her into the country where she showed and taught us many things. She could only use her healing powers on a very limited scale as faith healing, at that time, was still forbidden. I attended the ' People's School ' in Darmstadt, went on to learn my trade and then joined the German Army in Minden. I was married, a daughter was concieved but the marriage only lasted a couple of years and I fell into a deep rut. I was 24 and was faced with reorganising my life. Easier said than done.

I brooded, couldn't sleep and also had panic attacks. The Doctors told me it was psychosomatic and I was admitted into hospital where I was kept calm with tablets. The psychotherapy didn't help much at that time except that they discovered I was sensitive. I didn't know where to begin with that word back then.

A marked experience for me was a girl I saw in hospital. She lay with an infusion drip and was fighting for breath.I felt so sorry for her I felt I had to hold her hand and talk to her. With time she became calmer until her Asthma attack had gone. She was discharged the same day. I brooded again and couldn't understand why, I lay in my room and began to hyperventilate. The fear crept slowly back to me; I was completely imbalanced. A nurse called the doctor who just placed his hand on my chest, looked into my eyes and spoke calmly to me. Within 5 minutes I was back to normal. I will never forget that doctor's name - Dr Bockbrede. I think everyone can imagine how I bombarded that man with questions whenever I had the opportunity.

My General Practioner was also a great help to me after my discharge - a wonderful man and doctor, Herr Dr. Manhenke from Minden.

Today I am the Fifty year old Father to 3 children. In the meantime I have studied, learned and read a great deal. My interests lie in parapsychology and the border sciences with my concentration points being telepathy and paranormal healing phenomena. It was forbidden for me to practice faith healing in the 80's, likewise for Healer Ralf Drevermann, due to a law dating back to the Nazi regime. In England and the Netherlands, faith healers and doctors have been working together for many years.

In the early 90's I opened a Security Service and Detective Agency where I found I could put my media powers to good use. I also had enough time to occupy myself with parapsychology and healing.

Then came the 2nd March 2004. The day the Federal constitutional Court finally allowed faith healing to be practiced in Germany. I could at last put my healing powers to use without the risk of punishment and realise my life long ambition to open a healing centre.

A healing centre where people looking for help could come. In which future healers could be trained and in which specific healing methods from all corners of the world could be demonstrated.

My training in Tai Chi, Qi Gong and finally my training as a Reiki Master have given me a fundemental stepping stone to put my media powers to good use.