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From thought transmission to Remote healing
The possibility of communication between people within the known five senses is also accepted generally by scientists in the form of telepathy.
It says a lot however for the fact that the purely psychological effect it has on humans is a much more widely spread and stronger phenomenon than has so far been accepted.
For a long time before what we call thought transmission was scientifically examined, natives had already been using it practically for the remote transmission of information.

Attempts with telepathy and experimental investigations into mental suggestion from distances, have shown that it is possible to hypnotise somebody by mental suggestion. Such experiments do not succeed with everyone, some people cannot be hypnotised.

We may consider ourselves lucky that modern medicine is finally looking towards old cultures to find a connection into healing knowledge. Numerous investigations have proved sufficiently that an unresolved connection exists on the one hand beween high blood pressure, arthritis, heart illnesses, asthma, bronchitis and cancer, and emotional conflicts on the other hand. Neuroscientific investigations point out at the same time, how the physiological procedures in the central nervous system affect our mental condition.
Abruptly, as if it was something completely new, it has been suggested to physicians and psychotherapists to call upon the important relationship between body and soul when treating disease.

Thus we read in Larry Dosseys book "Healing Words" that it is in medicine as it is in life, unwise to ignore the holy: " We tried to go around the Spiritual aspect and that had catastrophic effects on all aspects of today's life."

A physician of old meant the same when he said, " Never brace the healing of the eyes without those of the head on or the healing of the head without that of the body - and you should not treat the body like so, without considering the soul." That is the imperative in the art of healing.

Acknowledgment of shamanic healing methods by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Spiritual welfare methods have to show a importantly longer time of testing in practice than most modern, psychotherapeutic techniques. For this reason, the WHO decided in 1980 to accept shamanic healing methods of psychosomatic diseases in the same light as those of western medicine.

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