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Energies and their effects
Some humans sense the weather in their joints. Others sleep unsoundly when the moon is full. Or who considers the fact that our behaviour is affected by particles on the surface of the sum or even by other planets?

No, it's not about astrology, it's about measurable, physical influences on the earth and its inhabitants and the negative effects influenced in our homes and places of work. We know about water veins and magnetic fields which can be harmful to humans and animals. Not forgetting, naturally, electro-smog. Humans react more sensitively to these things and become ill.
Who hits on the idea it may be an energy overload that is making the body ill? Very few.

Through many years of working with energies, I know that its possible to locate, neutralise and reroute them.

Headache, back problems, sleepless nights, loss of hair, bad dreams, skin reactions, fragile nails, kidney problems, bed wetting, bad moods, loss of ambition, that run down feeling are only some of the symptoms.

If, in your opinion, these symptoms sound familiar, call me on 0571 - 97 19 00 08 and we can investigate it together.

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