I s i s - L i gh t t e m p le
Willi James Gesemann - Lighttemplemaster


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Opening of Light Portals in the Isis Light Temple

In a ritual in the pyramid the goddess of love and sorceress Isis is worshipped and the contact is made.
A very rare event to open the first Light Portal is on 21st of December 2010. At this time full moon, lunar eclipse and midwinter coincide.
The second Light Portal is opened on 15th of June 2011 (full moon and lunar eclipse coincide).
The third Light Portal is opened on 10th of December 2011 (full moon and lunar eclipse coincide). By the opening of the Light Portals the people will be able to free themselves of dogmas and borders. Thereby they realize that they are human and spirit entity.

Isis - Lighttemple

The task of the Light Temple Masters is to combine the old and the new knowledge and to make new discoveries in order to extract the divine principles and reveal them to the people again, so that we may recognise who and what we really are.
We do not only talk about these things, but we implement them for the good of all people.

The Templars knew how to change physical matter. They hid the secret in symbols. I rediscovered those and combined old knowledge and newest discoveries.
I will convey only part of the possibilities, namely how to support healing work with alchemy.

Only the Light Temple Masters are initiated into the secrets and may use them for the good of all people. How to greatly slow down ageing, how to grow very old and stay healthy to the last minute, how to change physical matter, and how to program the subconscious mind of a person in a full moon ceremony (he will believe to act of his own free will).

The Templar Heptagram hides alchemistic secrets. The seventh secret of the Heptagram is how to change the human mind (subconscious). Every great dogma has this knowledge. In the Kabbala this secret is found as well, and certainly other high cultures knew it, like egypt, greek, roman. True sorcerers, witches and alchemists knew this secret. To utilize the full power of this secret, a sorcerer or alchemist should do high concentrated spiritual work for seven days. To do this high concentrated work a prepared room (temple) is necessary with certain ritual items that send out primal vibrations.

Three days before full moon = 72 hours: Wishing
One day before full moon = 24 hours: Manifesting
Three days after full moon = 72 hours: Sending
makes 168 hours (numerology)

The complete knowledge of the Templars is found in symbols in the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland near Edinburgh. Most people can only speculate, they cannot understand the symbols and they don't find the combinations.
Only a person who aligns his life to the natural law, who studies alchemy, geomancy, numerology, geometry, spirit science, astrophysics and philosophy, he who aligns his life and actions for the good of all people will have the ability to gain this knowledge. That is the reason why most alchemists hid their knowledge in symbols, so no one unknowing could misuse it for the negative. If one does not understand how to use it, it can be dangerous. The People were given much knowledge from the spiritual world. They slowly grow mature enough to use it.